our name says it...,
...our pizza proves it!
14741 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618
Email us at: BNYPTampa@aol.com
Open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:00am-9:00pm
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm
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About Us: For us its all about the food. Great Food and Excellent service are a way of life for us. We are truly dedicated to making the Best Pizza. Best NY Pizza is known for top quality New York Pizza. Made from the best freshest ingredients and with recipes passed down for generations, every pizza is hand tossed and baked in a brick oven until it reaches golden brown perfection !
REVIEWS of Best New York Pizza from our Customers
5 STAR Review from Guest 63678 - OMG! This pizza is heaven!!! I'm from up north so coming down here I didn't have high hopes since no one down here knows what a pierogie is or a proper cheesesteak. So my pizza expectations weren't exactly high either. My work had ordered pizza & instantly it was love. Definitely reminds me of back home & the pizzeria's that used to be splashed throughout the towns. This place is worth experiencing. Not only the pizza but the rest of the menu items are fabulous! Run don't walk!!
5 STAR Review from GuestUSTraveller - WOW Real NY Pizza in Tampa. Since January 2007, we have travelled the country, from Florida to Arizona to Oregon to Maine. At each stop we looked for NY style pizza. In some cases we were disappointed; other times just disappointed. While in the Tampa area, we decided to try Best NY Pizza..... Best NY Pizza is a winner. The flavor of the sauce! so much cheese that it was a challenge to separate the slices! the thin crust........! It reminded me of the many times when I bought a slice of pizza on 86th street in NYC while on the way home from high school....
5 STAR Review from GuestOlivia - INCREDIBLE! I can't get enough of this place! .....This place is the only place I want to go to eat, prices are great, the food is fantastic and the staff is always so accommodating! I tell everyone about this place! If you haven't tried it yet.... well, you really should! 5 Stars or More for BEST NY PIZZA
5 STAR Review from Guest86085 - Best of the Best. This place makes fantastic Pizza. No Kidding, I'm from New York and let me tell you, I've had some of the greatest Pizza in the world in Manhattan, and this place is equal if not better than most of them. This is the very Best of NY Pizza, from the authentic crisp crust to the truly unbelievable flavor. Delicious and truly AUTHENTIC!
5 STAR Review from Guest76304 - EXCELLENT pizza! I enjoyed my visit especially because i'm from up north.. Can definitely appreciate their pizza :-)... The crust wasn't too thick and not at all thin just right... I'd definitely refer this place to any and everyone! Not to mention the employees were very nice... Enjoy :-)
5 STAR Review from Guest75168 - AMAZING! That describes BEST NY PIZZA! It's not only the best it truly is amazing! I drive all the way from Brandon to get this pizza! I've tried many places in Brandon and in Tampa that "claim" to be Authentic NY Pizza, but when it comes down to it this is the only place to get NY Pizza! I love it! A++++++++++++++
5 STAR Review from Guest DJ Jayito - The minute you take a bite, you can tell this pizza was made by people who KNOW exactly what it takes to make NEW YORK PIZZA. I was initially skeptical by the Best New York Pizza (name) because that's a strong statement. As soon as I smelled the pizza, I knew I was in for something I haven't REALLY had since my last visit to New York. The taste of Long Island, New York made me smile. Thank you guys. I will next come sit down and have dinner with Best New York Pizza - as their food looks amazing, too.
5 STAR Review from Guest57400 - We love Best NY Pizza! This is the only place in Florida that we have found quality New York pizza in all these years. Its amazing, its the real deal,....The pizza is so good and authentic you'll feel like your home again. In fact my wife and I recently visited family in New York and believe it or not........... Best NY Pizza was actually better than pizza we got in Manhattan. If you know good pizza, I promise you will love it!
5 STAR Review from Guest24431 - I recently found the best place in Florida to get pizza. Best New York Pizza. It really was the best pizza I have eaten in a long time. The store was really nice and very clean. The service was great. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was even better. I especially liked the Sicilian pizza. The atomosphere was like being home, That's how they made me feel . Great food... Great service.... Great place...I highly reccomend it. I'LL BE GOING BACK FOR MORE....
5 STAR Review from Guest70116 - This place is amazing! I've been a long time customer now and I've never been disappointed! They are consistant which really makes a big impression! .....Best New York Pizza, You are truly the BEST in Tampa... possibly even Florida! Thank you for being serving the BEST Pizza, Having the BEST Staff and overall just being the BEST! I recomend you to everyone (even if I don't know them.)
The Store: Best NY Pizza, Inc. is truly a unique Pizza Restaurant. We're from New York and we know what real pizza is all about. Its all about skill and tradition. The flavor of the sauce, the quality of the cheese, the crunch of the dough, thats what sets our pizza apart. No gimmicks just delicious Pizza. Our pizza recipes are truly a family secret. Founded by New Yorkers we believed we could bring true New York Pizza to Florida! With quality, innovation, and amazing recipes Best NY Pizza was born!
Our Employees: Many of our employees have been with us from the beginning (or even longer) and most of them are true New Yorkers! Our staff is eager to give fast and friendly New York Quality Service to go with the Best NY Pizza anywhere! We are very fortunate to have such a great Team and know they all help make it possible for us to exist
Our Customers: Lots of our customers are New Yorker's with a love for great pizza. But you don't have to be from New York to love our pizza. Our customers are the heart and soul of why we do this. Without them we would not be here and we are grateful to them. All agree we truly serve the Best Pizza you can get anywhere, you owe it to yourself to give us a try! We work hard to deserve the name of - Best New York Pizza!
We invite you to come and experience Best N.Y. Pizza.